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BODY - Amino Acid Therapy

  • Amino Acids, building blocks of protein, brain needs to regulate mood, relax the body, fight off pain, and regulate blood sugar. Athletes and body builders have been using them for decades for peak performance.

  • Simple questionnaire, determine which amino acids are depleted in you. 

  • Sample aminos right in the office to determine effectiveness and dosing.

  • Purchase at a local health food store or Amazon.

  • Experience a tangible difference in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Fine-tune your experience on follow up sessions.

  • Stop reaching for food and substances to make you happy. Start smiling again, focus in, and lose those stubborn pounds.

  • Learn how to feed your brain and about toxic superfoods making you sick. 
  • Aggravation in marriage can be from unbalanced amino's in one or both partners causing tempers to flare up. 



  • When the broken moments of our story, we cry out, "Where was God?" Even when we can't feel him, he is present with us. I can assure you, he doesn't waist an ounce of suffering. He will use it all for our good and his glory. It just may take us a couple of decades to come to terms and understand it.

  • My office is a safe place where you won't be thumped with a Bible. We will create space to invite Jesus to show you where he was during your suffering moment, and allow him to speak and comfort you. 


If you are uncomfortable with a Spiritual Perspective we will stick to traditional counseling practices such as EMDR. 



  • Are your kids struggling with tantrums, arguments, and depression? Your kid may need their aminos balanced. Most children respond very well to aminos at super low doses and often only need for short periods of time. 

  • Nutritional counseling - How to change your kids diet painlessly to improve behavior, concentration and school performance. 

  • Do you have trauma that is impacting your parenting? Your reaction to your child, is yours's to own. Change your reaction, change your relationship with your child for the better. Consider a few sessions of EMDR to find hidden blind spots. 

  • In some cases our kids may need a few sessions to deal with their own stressors and experiences. I always start with parents first. 


MIND - EMDR Counseling

  • EMDR, gold standard for recovering from trauma and PTSD. 

  • Reprocess old negative memories, release old stored emotion and body sensations.

  • Bring our more mature rational brain online to help us understand, and normalize what happened.

  • Release the part of you stuck in that memory, restoring the ability to play, be free, and be at peace.

  • Client's say, "It's like the once awful, scarry memory is now small (phone size), the color seems to have faded out, or it's blurry, and seems further away. It feels like a fact without all the emotion. In new situations that might remind me of that old situation, I'm no longer triggered. I use my positive statement instead." 




  • When I work with couples, I have a slightly different perspective. I use a combination of couples sessions and individual sessions.

  • During couples sessions we will be practicing new ways to communicate and listen, and resolve conflict.

  • In individual sessions we will heal the brokenness that is leading to tension and disagreements.

  • Clients say I do a good job of standing in the middle and helping you understand your partner's perspective in a way that often feels less threatening.

  • You will need to be willing to create space to look at yourself and not just your partner's flaws. The place we do inner work is during individual sessions. 

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