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A Journey Worth Taking...

I first got interested in psychology and sociology when I started attending college. This was back in 1997-98, while I was still on active duty in the Air Force. Yet, at the time, I knew I wasn't ready yet to help others.

After the military, I pursued becoming a teacher. I taught elementary school and substituted for quite a few years. Yet, I realized that it wasn't a good fit for me. I much prefer the challenge of working with adults. 

Then came a season of waiting. I wasn't sure what was next. I worked as an office manager part-time for a local non-profit.

Melissa Kelley
Melissa Kelley
Melissa Kelley

There is a history of the women in my family finding their feet in their 40s.


My Great-Grandmother started the tradition by going back to college to become an interior decorator. My mom bought an orchard and started farming. My sister started her in-home-senior living center.


Now it's my turn. I never thought I would be where I am now; content, happy, and creating a counseling practice. I am excited to walk with you during your extraordinary healing process.

Then I had the exciting job of recruiting and training missionaries for an international missions organization.

 I was passionate about the vision, but not about the day-to-day work. The part I loved in that season was leading short-term teams to Sicily, Italy, to work with refugees, and to Vietnam to work with college students.


Those years were a time of significant personal growth. God had kept me curious and hungry for spiritual and emotional healing in my own life. Two of the most important pieces were doing small group studies such as Surrendering the Secret: Healing the Heart Break of Abortion. Another big part of my healing journey has been participating in, Healing the Wounded Heart: Sexual Abuse Recovery. Shining light into the dark and traumatic places of my own story. 

You can watch a video about my healing through Grace City Church here at Melissa's Story. 

The joy of healing is contagious.

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