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Adults With Childhood Trauma

When babies cry, someone comes and cares for them. However, as children they believe they are the cause of the things going on around them. Parents divorcing can seem to a child that they somehow caused it by not being good enough. Other children here a constant message that they are bad, troublesome, or stupid. These scars can drive anxiety, depression, and relationship problems in adulthood. 

Child abuse. Father yelling at his daughter. Shadow of man on wall.jpg
Domestic physical violence, abusing. Scared little caucasian girl, victim sitting close to

Childhood Trauma Can Take Many Forms

  • Physical or sexual abuse

  • Witnessing a traumatic event

  • Having a severe illness requiring surgery and hospitalization

  • Witnessing domestic violence

  • Experiencing intense bullying

  • Even extreme situations like refugee trauma and experiencing a large-scale natural disaster.

In can be difficult to trace the causes and effects in your life. Let me guide you through the healing process as you make connections between the environment of your childhood and the troubles in your adult life. 

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