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Freedom and healing from addiction is a journey worth taking...

  • Clients must be free of substance on day of session for best outcomes. If you are in the extreme end of drug use or in with-drawl you will need to be stabilized before starting work with me. Consider an in-patient or outpatient program first.

  • EMDR is very effective in treating the underline emotional issues that substances' use as a coping mechanism. 

  • Effective in treating triggers for binges, and compulsions, for example: when seeing displays of alcohol at a store. The impulse to stop and drink at your favorite bar because you see the sign, or seeing the beer fridge in the garage.

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Helping Hand

Sex Addiction 

  • High levels of Cortisol and other happy chemicals are released in the brain during sexual activity. It can be addicting.

  • If you are struggling with unwanted thoughts, and actions that leave you feeling ashamed, freedom is possible. 

  • Enter a non-judgmental space where you won't have to speak aloud the things imprinted on your memory.

  • Strictly using EMDR, visualization, and the Holy Spirit for transformation of these dark areas. Help the part of you frozen in that moment to be accepted by the one person who can set you free.  

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