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Find healing for the journey ahead...

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Emotional wounds can effect our parenting...

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Who We Are

Melissa Kelley is a Certified Licensed Counselor, Washington State.

Who specializes in helping clients heal from past stressful events, trauma, and negative experiences.

Find freedom from triggers, and live a healthier life. 
Learn more about our range of services and book an appointment to help you get better.

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Reduced Rate Available
for those with a financial need
Inquire with me to learn more.

What We Do

Adults With Childhood Trauma

Childhood is a time of security – being protected and loved. However, for many children their parents are unprepared or in a season of chaos. This can lead to poor parenting. This can interrupt bonding. Abuse happens when parents have expectations that aren't appropriate for the child's age and aren't able to control themselves. Blaming the child instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

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Therapy session

Depression, Anxiety,

Abuse & Trauma

People who have experienced stressful life events and trauma are more likely to experience depression. Is your depression and anxiety holding you back from doing what you love? Connecting the dots between past experiences and current issues is the first step in mapping a healing journey. EMDR therapy treats the roots of Depression, Solving it once and for all. 


If abuse is in your past, it doesn't just go away. Find real healing with EMDR  



I walk with people to heal from wounds that are affecting their current relationships. Gain insight, and be equipped with new tools to help your relationships thrive. Increase your toolkit and your ability to deploy these new news. 

Mother and Daughter Love
Prescription Drugs


I work with people who are stable, still working, but want to reduce dependence on a substance for coping. Addiction may involve using alcohol, legal or illegal drugs or behaviors such as gambling, porn or sex addiction. Break the cycle with EMDR, gain freedom, and rewrite the brain. If you or a loved one is highly addicted consider an in-patient program first. 


As a Christian, I have a worldview that is based on the Bible. I create a supportive environment that weaves biblical principles and counseling techniques together for the best of both worlds. A place where Jesus and the Holy Spirit can show up, and healing to happen. However, I respect where people are at, and believe in grace. I don't push faith upon those who are not interested. 

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Now Offering Therapy
to Teens and Kids

Working in an integrated approach with parents and kids. Helping kids overcome adverse life experiences such as death, abuse, divorce, bullying, etc. Using a combination of EMDR & the creative medium of Sand Table Therapy. This unique approach helps kids interact with their story and heal emotional wounds. 

Our Happy Clients


A Client's Story: 

"A friend referred me to Rising Hope Counseling after struggling with depression, childhood traumas, addictions, and panic attacks for many years. I was nervous during my first visit, but Melissa created a safe and non-judgmental environment with her professionalism to share my emotional and mental struggles. She has genuinely listened to me with empathy and has helped me find hope and freedom. I highly recommend her to anybody in search of freedom."  GS

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