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Mountain Path
Make Connections Between your Past, and Current Struggles.
Heal the Broken Places so you Can Walk Forward in Freedom. 

Our Services



Are you experience depression, anxiety, irritability, low blood sugar "hangry"?

Repair Biochemistry of the brain to end most mood instability with Holistic Products. Stop reaching for food and substances to feel good. Gain a stable mood, relaxed mind and body. Experience childlike joy and enthusiasm again.



Heal from the damaging experience's of life, that leaves us with crippling negative beliefs. Whether from bullying on the playground, abuse, infidelity or divorce, failure, or a behavior you just can’t stop. Go beyond talk therapy for real and lasting change. Regain the freedom to be who you were created to be.



You are the only animal on the planet with the gift of imagination. Which allows you to create, like your creator. Imagination is the place where healing happens. Where we connect with our compassionate creator and experience the comfort we have been endlessly searching for. 

Who We Work With

We works with adults, individuals & couples
For kids 11-17, are you prepared to get counseling along side your child?

You are the biggest influence in your child's life. 

We see clients that are stable, working/home maker, or student. If you have active mania, schizophrenia, paranoid delusions, and/or suicidal you will be referred to a higher level of care. If you have a severe alcohol or drug addiction you will need to detox before starting therapy. 

Who We Are

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Melissa Kelley is a certified Licensed Counselor in Washington.

She has a BA in Education and has a passion to teach and communicate ideas. Her master’s is in Pastoral Counseling (AKA Christian Counseling) from Liberty University. In addition, she is certified in EMDR Therapy, and has taken extensive training in Attachment Theory, EGO State Therapy, and currently Nutrition for Mental Health/Amino Acid Therapy. 

Our Happy Clients

A Client's Story: 

"A friend referred me to Rising Hope Counseling after struggling with depression, childhood traumas, addictions, and panic attacks for many years. I was nervous during my first visit, but Melissa created a safe and non-judgmental environment with her professionalism to share my emotional and mental struggles. She has genuinely listened to me with empathy and has helped me find hope and freedom. I highly recommend her to anybody in search of freedom."  GS

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